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School Choice is Working in Colorado!

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Why School Choice Works:

School choice opens doors for Colorado families, providing Coloradans with the access they need to give their children a high-quality education.

Coloradans deserve the freedom to choose the best educational option that fits their child’s individual learning needs. School choice ensures these options are available to all children.

Charter Schools at Work in Colorado:

“Colorado voters overwhelmingly support public charter schools. Nearly seven out of 10 (68%) said they favor charter schools,” notes a report from the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice1.

There are 238 charter schools in Colorado, each giving children access to a wide-range of innovative educational options and increased opportunities for success. Enrollment in Colorado’s charter schools is currently 12.7 percent of total public school enrollment in the state, serving as many as 115,000 students2.

Colorado’s charter schools can be found in rural, urban and suburban communities and cater to a broad range of students, including low-income student, minorities and students with special needs.

Why ESAs are Good for Families:

K-12 education savings accounts (ESAs) are taxpayer-funded spending accounts allowing eligible families to pay only for educational expenses that cater to their child’s specific needs.

Sixty percent of Coloradans support ESAs3. ESAs give Colorado families the choices they want and the flexibility they need to purchase a range of educational services, including tutoring, books, curriculum and online learning programs. ESAs also allow families the freedom to save funds from quarter to quarter or school year to school year to pay for future educational expenses like college.

K-12 ESAs put Colorado families in the driver’s seat, ensuring families have the freedom to choose the best educational options available for their children.

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